About Carneglia Guitars

Carneglia Guitars is the culmination of Master Luthier Daniel Carneglia's lifelong dedication to the art of guitar making. Each Carneglia guitar is a bold statement, meticulously handcrafted with a fusion of tradition and cutting-edge design. The result is an instrument that doesn't just make music; it makes history.

Meet the Carneglia Team

Master Luthier & Designer

Daniel Carneglia

In an industry driven by assembly lines, one man stands apart, reshaping the boundaries of guitar craftsmanship. Meet Daniel Carneglia, the master luthier behind Carneglia Guitars, a brand bringing raw passion and excellence to the forefront. Daniel's journey into the world of guitars began during his formative years, a spark that ignited a relentless pursuit of perfection. In 2005, he enrolled in a Luthier course in Palermo, Argentina. Here, he unearthed the mysteries of construction, wood selection, and the soul of musical instruments.
Daniel honed his skills with various mentors and artisans throughout his pursuit of excellence, diving deeper into wood selection, construction techniques, repair, and finishing. Today, he stands tall as a master in the luthiery universe, dedicated to crafting electric guitars that honor the legacy of craftsmanship while embracing innovation. Carneglia Guitars embodies Daniel's relentless pursuit of perfection. Every guitar that bears his name reflects passion and mastery, resonating not just with strings but with the soul of the guitar owner. Daniel Carneglia has landed in Miami, heralding a new era in bespoke guitar craftsmanship - an era characterized by raw passion, audacious innovation, and an unapologetic commitment to sonic excellence.
Customer Service & Accounting

Paula Giani

Probably your favorite person on the Carneglia team. From accounting to customer service, she can do it all. And we need her to do it all, she’s the glue (no pun intended) that keeps us all together. Paula is just the best!
Setups & Quality Control

Luis "Perry" Perrupato

Perry’s philosophy is simple: the right instrument provides the foundation for musicians to reach new levels in their art. Perry delivers on that philosophy by ensuring the highest quality and playability in every instrument. He brings to Carneglia Guitars a combination of hands on luthier skills and unparalleled level of quality control. Nothing gets passed this guy!
Color & Finish

Facund0 "Faka" Bartres

Faka has been painting and finishing guitars, as well as many other instruments for over a decade now. His attention to detail and eye has put him in a position to run the entire department here at Carneglia. He’s also involved with the entire building process to ensure that his instruments are flawless. But don’t let that smile fool you, Fakundo is mean painter and luthier!


Made to order custom handcrafted Carneglia Electric Guitar