Carneglia Stallion Custom P-90 Ebony Electric Guitar RJ Ronquillo

RJ Ronquillo and the Carneglia Stallion Custom P-90


Made to Order...

We'll guide you every step of the way. From wood selection to hardware aging, share your story and tell us what you're searching for in a custom made Carneglia Guitar.

It's all in the details...

Wood Selection

Crafted from personally selected exotic tonewoods sourced from South America, including mahogany, Patagonian lenga, rosewood, jacaranda, Bolivian pau ferro, and other native species. These woods, paired with expert construction techniques and finishing, result in a visually stunning piece with superior tone.

Electronics & Hardware

Only the highest quality components, including potentiometers (CTS, VIPots) and capacitors (Sprague, Luxe), each of which we measure individually before installation. When it comes to pickups, we choose to work exclusively with boutique brands that personally craft each one, embodying the same handcrafted spirit that defines our instruments.

Carneglia Electric Guitar Stallion Crimson Red Burst Body

Finish & Aging

From oil finishes to custom colors and varnishes, we work closely with our clients to select an option that elevates the beauty and tone of their guitar. Our finishes include nitrocellulose lacquer, polyester, metallic colors, translucent and solid options in both satin and gloss, and various levels of relicing.

Made to order custom handcrafted Carneglia Electric Guitar