Carneglia Heritage Hardshell Case for Stallion, Steed and Sublime Models


Introducing the Carneglia Heritage Guitar Case, a vintage-inspired accessory designed to complement your Carneglia guitar. This case beautifully balances classic aesthetics with practical protection, embodying the spirit of mid-20th century craftsmanship.

Crafted to evoke the golden age of guitar making, the Heritage Case features a lightweight wood frame covered in period-correct tolex. The exterior is adorned with vintage-style hardware, including simple but elegant latches and a comfortable handle, all designed to patina gracefully with age.

The interior is lined with a soft, period-appropriate material that cradles your Carneglia guitar gently. It offers a snug fit that minimizes movement during transport. A small accessory compartment, typical of vintage designs, provides space for strings and a few essential accessories.

The Carneglia Heritage Case is more than just storage – it's a tribute to the classic era of guitar craftsmanship, designed to transport you back in time every time you open it to reveal your Carneglia masterpiece.